How to feed?

Cooked and raw food can be stored for around 8 months without opening in freezer

Cooked and raw food can be stored for 5 days after a thaw.

How to feed?

Defrost the raw or cooked food a day before feeding. The cooked food can be warmed up using microwave or steam. It’s okay to serve without warming up, they like it cold especially when the weather is hot.

Transition to Cooked or Raw

If your pets have never tried raw or cooked food, we recommend taking an extra step, switch to 100% canned food before transitioning to raw or cooked food for them to accept the texture first.
Note – Free-feeding your pets will develop picky behaviors.

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How to store?

The cooked and raw are frozen and need to be kept in the freezer. It can last around 8 months in the freezer and last around 5 days after it is defrosted.

Dehydrated and treats is recommend to store in the fridge to increase the storage time.

Amount to feed?

For example if your adult pet is 10kg, 10 multiple by 2% will get 200g which is the daily feeding amount. It can be separate into few meals where 100g in the morning and 100g at night.

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