Cooked Food for (Cat) 猫咪鲜熟食


  • Cooked Food For Cat
  • Human grade ingredients
  • Freshly Made
  • Variety of Meat to Choose
  • Support Customization
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All our Cooked Food are made FRESHLY & specifically for cat according to NFC & AAFCO standards. It is nutritional balance and can be feed as main meal.

Ingredients: 80% muscle meat, duck egg, liver, secreting organs, Awesomely’s supplement powder.

*We accept customize recipes, please contact customer service for more info.

Benefits of feeding Fresh Food
1. Nicer skin & coat 2. Lesser stool smell 3. Increase water intake especially in cat to prevent kidney & bladder problems 4. Prevent tartar in teeth increases oral health 5. Prevent skin allergy & reduces inflammation 6. Better Digestion

Storage Method
All Cooked Food should be store in freezer and kept frozen. Cooked Food can be stored for 8 months in freezer & 3-5 days in chiller. Cooked Food can be defrost in chiller a day before feeding, after defrosting, can be feed directly to cat. Please keep the remaining if cat unable to finish, don’t leave it more than 2 hours in room temperature.

Feeding Guide
Daily intake: Underweight, Feed 4-5% of body weight. Normal, Feed 3-4% of body weight. Overweight, Feed 2-3% of body weight. For Kitten, 8-12% of body weight
Example: If your cat is 5kg, and have normal weight 5×2%= 0.1, Feed your cat 100g a day and can be divided into few meals according to your preference maybe 50g in the morning and 50g at night. Heating up is Optional

We deliver using cold truck transportation. Normally food will be ready around 2-4 days and after we ship out you will receive on the next day. We will notice you when we ship out. Please contact us for exact delivery date

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Chicken 鸡, Fish 鱼, Duck 鸭, Beef 牛, Pork 猪, Chicken+Duck 鸡+鸭, Chicken+Beef 鸡+牛, Chicken+Fish 鸡+鱼, Duck+Beef 鸭+牛, Duck+Fish 鸭+鱼, Beef+Fish 牛+鱼, Pork+Chicken 猪+鸡, Pork+Duck 猪+鸭, Pork+Beef 猪+牛, Pork+Fish 猪+鱼

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