Deer Antler


  • Real Original Deer Antler
  • Natural Chew for Dogs
  • Maintain dog’s oral hygiene
  • Remove plaque and tartar
  • Contain high amount of minerals and vitamins
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100% Original Deer Antler which fall off naturally from deer. Deer Antler is a durable and the best chew for dogs. Deer Antler is better as compared to bone or commercial chew as it is less like to splinter or crack and does not contain any harmful chemical.
Antler also is a mess-free chew, does not have any residue or odour. Most dogs enjoy chewing deer antler.
Chewing is a healthy activity as it helps to relieve stress, it is better for dogs to chew on something you gave rather than your valuable furniture or items. It also helps them to release some extra energy and make use of their time.

Short (10cm+-) Suitable for small dogs (12kg and below)
Medium (14cm+-) Suitable for medium dogs (20kg and below)
Long (23cm+-) Suitable for large dogs (40kg and above)

Cut: Suitable for dogs that try deer antler for the first time, and those that are light and moderate chewers. It is more attractive to dogs.
Whole: Suitable for those that likes to chew, active and food drives. It required more time for them to chew down.

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Long, Medium, Short


Cut, Whole


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