Dehydrated Wholemeal 风干全食


  • Feed as treats or main foods
  • Soft and easy to digest
  • TOP 1 sales product
  • No preservatives and harsh chemical
  • Minimal processed thru low heat


Dehydrated wholemeal is made from farm fresh human grade meat with low temperature dehydration to retain nutrients. It can be feed as pets main meal or as treats. It smells good and taste good, 100% loves by pet babies. Most pet-owner tries it and give positive feedback; taste and smell so good!

Natural, Balance and Awesomely Good to eat! Treats your pets with our dehydrated TOP 1 sales products and you will never regret to enjoy looking at your pet eating!

Specially made for picky eater, and treats for training and reward.

Ingredients: 70% muscle meat, bones, vegetables (pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, and cabbage and pak choy), offal, Awesomely’s supplement powder.

Additional information


Chicken Wholemeal 鸡全食, Pork Wholemeal 猪全食, Beef Wholemeal 牛全食, Duck Wholemeal 鸭全食

Product Weight

500 g, 250 g, 100 g


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