• Human grade ingredients
  • Farm fresh quail
  • Novel protein
  • Suitable for newbie pets to raw or cooked
  • Prevent food allergies


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Quail is a novel protein, it seldom be the main protein source of pets. Thus, able to prevent food allergy to common protein. Quail also rich in Vitamin and Amino Acid where chicken does not necessary have.

Suitable for newbie pets to raw or cooked.

All meat had gone through the cold process of bacteria elimination and proper tested.
Recipes are formulated by qualified nutritionist. Balance, natural and nutritional, able to replace kibbles.
Don’t feed pets biscuit and process food for their entire life.

Cooked ingredients: 80% muscle meat, duck egg, offal, Awesomely’s supplement powder.
Raw ingredients: 80% muscle meat, bones, offal, Awesomely’s supplement powder.

*We accept customize recipes, please contact customer service for more info.

Additional information

Food Type

Cooked, Raw

Second Type Meat

Beef, Chicken, Duck, Fish, Pork

Product Weight

1 kg, 500 g, 250 g


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